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    March 23, 2008


    Kenny Kim

    thanks for posting these. Roberto's wife is Rachel - whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Jesh's workshop in NY. She's a sweetheart. Didn't know you guys were friends. Small world!


    Always wonderful seeing you. :)

    eric laurits

    I'm so bummed I didn't get there in time to see y'all. Though I will say it was an absolute treat meeting you :] maybe next time we'll get a chance to chat for more than .8 seconds. Man. WPPI is crazy.

    seek the joy.


    Stephanie Clark

    Can we go back? It was so fun being a Lori groupie! I miss you, roomie!!! Love you!

    Dalene Killian

    OMG!!! I am SO EXCITED to be learning from one of the YOUNG GUNS at Texas School!! You so totally deserve that distinction - CONGRATS big time, Lori!!! I can't believe that the week is almost will totally ROCK with you at the helm! We are going to learn so much and have a blast doing it. I'm pretty new at all of this - I've only been shooting for a little over a year - but I am so completely IN LOVE with photography! Okay, it is my second love after my awesome 2 year old son, Evan, who is my little inspiration. BTW - if you need a toddler model sometime next week, I can have him there in, like....two hours!! :)! Anyway, I CAN'T WAIT to meet you and learn TONS!! Please share some things about Iowa, too - my grandparents were both from Des Moines! So yes, TEXAS and IOWA ROCK!! See you in College Station!! Dalene

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