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    March 04, 2007


    David Jay

    I hope you're ok and found a hotel at least. Let me know if you didn't because Chicago is my second home and so I know a good place you could stay!

    Mike Warren

    Sorry that travel has you sleeping on airport benches. I went picture by picture through your website as DJ said you did amazing work - all I can say is WOW - DJ wasnt wrong!! Hope you get some rest and the travel gets straightened out!


    beautiful photography! hope you have a good night :)

    liana Lehman

    You have a BLOG now - yeah! Sorry about the delay - no fun at all. Wish I would have been able to connect w/ya when you were here last week.


    sorry to hear about your layover! :( sounds like you've been busy! Vicki was just here in Portland at the PPO Convention and was awesome. And I've been seeing your name all over the WHCC samples I brought home! And David is right, I can't believe you have a son in college! wow!

    Lee Ziegler

    Hope you make it back safely! Be careful.

    Jennifer Grigg

    I love that ribon print! Good job judging! Glad you are home.
    Ain't DJ cute?

    Samuel Barr


    While reading a David Jay post I heard about your extended stay in Chicago. I was going to invite you guys out for dinner but you're gone. If you ever get stuck in Chicago and get bored, feel free to hit me up and I can show the town. Be blessed and keep shooting!


    Jen Lee

    yeh, DJ IS A CUTIE!!

    Kayla S

    I found you through DJ's comments. I hope I can meet you one day. Your work is fabulous!

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